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Big Daddy Bar-B-Q Sauces

The stars of Big Daddy's Bar-B-Q are its world famous sauces, specially formulated by Big Daddy himself, the ultimate master of the delicious, the hot and the spicy.

First of all, you don't have to stand the heat to love Big Daddy's Bar-B-Q sauces. Yes, we're famous for bringing the heat, but Big Daddy's makes a sauce suitable for everyone, from the sophisticated toddler to the underworld's most sulphurous dwellers. And every one's naturally delicious.

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Available in Stores and Online

  • Mild - For the bar-b-q lover who appreciates the sweet, rich tang of a great barbecue sauce, but without it biting back.
    $3.50 (16oz)Buy
  • House Hot - A good starting point for the Mild lover who's beginning to wonder what he or she is missing. Get ready for some lip smacking.
    $3.50 (16oz)Buy
  • Lava-Q - Don't let the name fool you: Lava-Q is definitely hot and satisfying, but we sell it in stores without a disclaimer. So enjoy.
    $5.00 (16oz)Buy

Available Online Only

  • Half Mild/Half House Hot - Big Daddy flavor in a Big Daddy size jug.
    $17.00 (gallon)Buy
  • Are You a Survivor?* - Totally serious, off-the-charts hot. No amateurs and very few pros. That said, it tastes great, too.
    $10.00 (4oz)Buy
    $15.00 (7oz)Buy
  • My Last Supper* - Order your bottle of this special Collector's Edition of My Last Supper! Poured from the very last batch of Last Supper that Big Daddy made. Each bottle is hand-numbered to ensure its authenticity.
    $15.00 (16oz)Buy

Combo Packs

  • Combo #1 Regular Pack
  • Mild (16oz), House Hot (16oz), Lava-Q (16oz), Are You a Survivor?* (4oz)
  • $28.00Buy
  • Combo #2 Sampler Pack
  • Mild (16oz), Lava-Q (16oz), Are You
    a Survivor?* (4oz)
  • $23.00Buy

Cases (12 bottles each)

  • Half Mild/Half House Hot
  • $42.00Buy
  • Mild
  • $42.00Buy
  • House Hot
  • $42.00Buy
  • Lava-Q
  • $60.00Buy
  • Are You a Survivor?*
  • $180.00Buy
  • My Last Supper*
  • $180.00Buy

Check it Out - Big Daddy's T-Shirts!

  • Get 'Em While They're Hot, Limited Quantities Available
    $10.00 (XL only)Buy

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Very Hot

* Warning: Very hot, or extremely hot

Each has a heat index rating of over 200,000 scovilles. By purchasing this sauce you are accepting full responsibility for its consumption. You are also accepting full responsibility for any other person's consumption of the sauce you are purchasing. These sauces are eaten at your own risk. By purchasing this sauce, you are agreeing to accept full responsibility for any adverse health or stomach problems that you or anyone else that uses this sauce may acquire. You are also agreeing that Big Daddy's Bar-B-Q will be free from any retribution or liability.